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It's Time to Go Solar...

By going solar, you will save time, money, and most importantly, save our planet.

Why Choose Solar Energy?

Help the environment

The transition to solar energy is crucial for a sustainable future: it reduces dependence on fossil fuels, reduces pollution and promotes energy self-sufficiency, paving the way for a cleaner and more renewable world.

Costs reduction

Adopting solar energy makes economic sense: it reduces long-term costs, generates savings on electricity bills, drives jobs in the renewable industry and encourages energy independence, strengthening financial stability and promoting sustainable growth.

Increase the Value of Your Assets

The transition to solar energy not only saves costs in the long term, but also increases property values by being an investment in energy efficiency, attracting conscious buyers and reinforcing sustainability, which translates into a significant increase in real estate capital gains. .

Tax, Estate and Federal Benefits and Incentives

Embracing solar energy not only drives sustainability, but also offers tax benefits, including credits and exemptions, encouraging investment in clean technologies and providing additional stimulus for the adoption of solar systems, resulting in significant savings for homeowners. and companies.

How does a Solar System Work?

A solar photovoltaic system works by converting solar energy into electricity through the use of solar panels, made up of photovoltaic cells that absorb sunlight and generate electrical current. These cells are made of semiconductor materials, such as silicon, that release electrons when exposed to solar radiation. An inverter then converts the direct current generated by the panels into alternating current, which is the form of electricity used in homes and businesses.

The initial investment in installing a solar photovoltaic system can be significant, but in the long term, it generates notable savings. The main benefit lies in reducing dependence on the traditional electrical grid, which translates into lower electricity bills. Additionally, many governments offer net metering incentives and programs, which allow solar system owners to sell excess electricity generated back to the power grid and receive credits or financial compensation. As solar panel costs continue to decline, solar photovoltaic systems have become increasingly affordable, which, combined with the long-term savings, makes the investment financially attractive.

Simple and Complication-Free Process

The first step is to contact us, either by


'App, Email or Phone. You are one payment away from saving a lot of money on energy and contributing to the environment!


Receive a detailed proposal at no cost!


The proposal includes everything and details the energy, economic and environmental savings for 25 Years so that you can appreciate the spectrum of the return on your investment!


Your installation is scheduled, which is usually 2 to 5 days. Depending on the size of your system.


Our staff is certified by the  CFE and FIDE

and meets all standards

NOM corresponding officials and ISO.


We only use the highest quality equipment and materials with 25 Year guarantees.

Network Interconnection

Depending on the type of system installed, it is either interconnected to the CFE network or hybrid (solar and batteries) also interconnected. 


The corresponding procedures are made with CFE at no cost to request the interconnection of your system.

Solar On!

In this last step, CFE installs a bidirectional meter which will count the energy injected into the grid produced by your solar system Vs. the energy you consume.


The system is started and monitoring is activated via web or app and that's it! You are Saving Energy!

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