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Solar Energy Experts

Commercial, industrial, and residential solar panel installations.

Interconnected solar systems hybrid, isolated & Batteries.

A better tomorrow

PGI ENERGY is a company dedicated to specialized electrical engineering. Solar energy experts!


We install photovoltaic solar panel systems, generation projects, savings and solar energy efficiency "Turnkey" EPC.

We develop studies and projects for lighting, public lighting, energy efficiency and cogeneration.

We carry out commercial, industrial, agricultural, municipal, real estate and tourism electrical projects for the public and private sectors.

We build high, medium and low voltage work, overhead and underground transmission lines and lifting substations. We manufacture transformers, supply substations, disconnectors and capacitor banks.


We have a team of experts to carry out solar work and installations on ground or roof.  


We test and maintain installations of photovoltaic solar panels and electrical equipment in solar parks.


We offer comprehensive management and paperwork services before the CFE, SENER, CRE and SEMARNAT for all your needs.

The Best Rated

We are proud to have been recognized for our work in the fields of innovation, energy and engineering in general. This section highlights the certificates we have obtained and the awards we have received for the high quality of our work and results.

15 years of experience

More than 15 years ago we set out on our path and decided to turn PGI Energy into a specialized electrical and solar engineering company. Since the beginning, our company has provided first-class engineering services in various sectors. Our priority is to listen to and satisfy customer needs.

Quality that Lasts

At PGI Energy you will not only find what you need, but also the best quality and at the best price. Years of experience in the industry give us a specialization to sell solutions and products that satisfy customers and exceed their expectations. Whether you are looking for a solution or a system, whether large or small, you can count on us and our products and solutions, always with quality service until the end. 

Custom Solutions

At PGI Energy our clients are so satisfied with the results that they always return to us with their next project. Our services and level of commitment have helped us acquire an unbeatable reputation. We have personalized options for the satisfaction of our clients.

Team of expert professionals certified by FIDE, CFE and SENER

Always Planning for The Future

PGI Energy always works honoring values that allow us to meet the needs of our clients. Our communication channels are always open—our relationships begin from the first contact and culminate when satisfaction with the work is achieved.

By hiring us you can be sure that you will find the results you need. Contact us and discover the advantages of collaborating with PGI Energy.


PGI Energy envisions an experience you can enjoy worry-free from start to finish.


With that in mind we collect the most frequently asked questions, which cover general and specific doubts.


Please read the answers and if you don't find one that solves your question, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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